video camera sewer inspection in Alberta

Why is sewer scope inspection significant for every homeowner? Plumbing is the most crucial aspect that every homeowner is worried about and wants to work in a smooth condition. If you are ground-working on purchasing a home, investing in a sewer scope inspection is important. Having the video camera sewer inspection in Alberta would offer you high-end services and wouldn’t leave you untreated.

So this reference will also break down everything you would require about a sewer inspection. So, let’s get started and dive into the following points:

What is a sewer scope inspection?

Do you know the major role sewer scope inspection plays in your plumbing system? A sewer scope inspection will also greatly offer you an inside look at your home’s sewer lines. In addition, a professional home will help in performing the inspection significantly. In this, you need to attach the camera and attach it with the long, flexible cable to see the main root of the issues. Moreover, the scoping camera streams video helps in allowing to inspect to look for any blockages, broken pipes, and other serious issues that everyone faces with sewage system greatly.

Why is a sewer inspection important?

If you are planning to do the home inspection, a sewer scope inspection helps you to permit you to get the incredible idea to elevate the overall home’s condition greatly. In addition, you need to purchase a home with a faulty sewer system without having the sewer inspection. Moreover, this can also lead to expensive things and generate issues, especially for the people living inside. So, a broken system can cause a home to have the following:

Structural Risk:

• Flooding in the home or backyard

• Shifting or cracking in the home’s foundation

• Mold growth

Health Risk:

  • You can have health risks: roaches, flies, and parasites that can effortlessly enter the destructed pipes and invade your home.
  • The second one is mold spores.
  • The third one is the harmful gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide, which can generally seep into your hose greatly.
  • Lastly, the water from the broken pipes can also cause various bacteria, including typhoid fever, cholera, and viruses like hepatitis A.

Expensive repairs

Plumbing can be costly and budget-friendly; it completely depends on which type of services you would want that would easily come within your budget. Simply repairing a broken sewer pipe can also price up hefty, and the average price would be affordable by many people, so you can go for the average type of service. Also, if it destructs the disaster, like flooding, foundation issues, or mold growth, it can effectively pay a number of dollars in repairs.

Paying attention to your home’s plumbing system is also suggested, as it might cause severe issues and significantly destruct your property. So, before it leads to a significant disaster, you need to go for the repair, which would come into your pocket with good quality. Moreover, a sewer scope is the most effortless, least expensive method to consider how your sewer lines will help perform once you move inside. So, you don’t let a sewer backup that something is going wrong within your system.

Lack of access to plumbing

In this step, you must go for the functional plumbing that is pivotal for every household. In case if a sewage line breaks down, it will likely affect your entire home’s plumbing system. Also, the showers and sinks won’t drain and wouldn’t be functional. Moreover, when you first move into your home, you can leave your place for a few days because your home’s plumbing is no longer functional.

What to do at the time of a sewer camera inspection

The sewer inspection should take an hour from start to finish. And by attaching the camera to the tool, the whole process will take 10-15 minutes. In addition, the sewer inspector will first make the water run smoothly to clear all the debris and keep the pipes of the plumbing camera from catching anything.

Also the inspector will then locate it at your home’s sewer access point, insert the cameras, and then they will begin their inspection. Also, once the process is completed, the inspector will follow up on where the problem is landing and what steps you must take.

What do the inspectors look for during the sewer camera inspection?

Several inspectors permit you to watch the complete video and let you know how the services are actually done. So, during this complete time, you and your inspector will also be seeking for:

  • Broken or damaged pipes
  • Major blockages, clogs, or debris
  • Tree roots invading pipes
  • Any evidence of settling or sagging sewer lines
  • Improper piping materials, outdated pipes like Orangeburg pipes, or sewage lines made of clay, plastic, or cast iron will likely need replacing.
  • Installation issues

Signs that you need a sewer line inspection

So before purchasing a home, you need to check out the property that has signs of arousing any plumbing issues. So here are some of the amazing key indicators, which mainly include:

  • Patches of lush, green grass: The sewage can also be a fantastic fertilizer that can be utilized for the random patches of grass to appear in comparison to its surroundings.
  • Large trees in the backyard: Secondly, the large trees usually have big roots, so you need to check out the roots that are not growing into any of the sewer pipes, as this would eventually create a huge problem.
  • A home built over 20 years ago: The homes constructed over 20 years mostly get outdated piping material which is very much prone to breaking or cracking.
  • Rodent or insect problems mainly happen as the pests can live in sewer tanks and enter your home through the plumbing. If this issue is overlooked, it might turn into a severe disaster.
  • Mold: A destructed sewer pipe can also have very leaky water in a home, which would easily cause mold and growth.
  • Moving or shifting of the ground surrounding the home: If the water or the waste escapes the sewer system is not enough, it will also help shift the place to get away from all these issues.

Even when you have already moved into your new place, it is essential to watch out for all the signals of sewage issues. You will get a few signs that you need to look for. Also, if you also notice any of these, you should call out the plumber for a sewage cleaning.

  • Your water won’t drain properly.
  • You experience regular clogging.
  • You smell a foul odor.
  • A sewage backup is there.
  • Overflowing and clogged toilets

Similarly, professional plumbers advise that if your home were a human, the sewer would be the main artery – and just like your body, your home can give minor signs of potentially bigger issues affecting your system. Knowing these signs may save you time and money on a larger repair. As a preventative measure, we suggest having an annual sewer inspection with licensed experts to keep your drains clear and your mind at ease.


Check out the complete guide, which helps you know when to call out the professional plumber. If you are ground-working on purchasing a home, investing in a sewer scope inspection is important. Having the video camera sewer inspection in Alberta would offer you high-end services and wouldn’t leave you untreated.