What is a pipeline camera inspection, and what major role does it play? A pipeline camera inspection helps view the sewer and drain lines’ conditions to check if everything is working perfectly with your plumbing system. The Sewer Camera Inspection in Alberta would offer brilliant services before it creates any destruction to your property. Moreover, even the pipeline camera inspections also need the right repair and replacement to offer long-lasting services.

Inspecting the sewer line will give you an in-depth problem that will help showcase the areas of breaks, deterioration, and low spots and also help restrict flow which turned out into clogs of the pipes. Moreover, even a pipeline needs a camera inspection that would also need the hydro jetting.

Utilizing a sewer pipe camera to inspect the great surroundings would help inform all the homeowners, making the system run effectively. Also, the inspection equipment can assist future problems that may arise greatly.

What is the Process of Performing a Pipeline Camera Inspection?

Camera inspections will also greatly perform by a licensed professional contractor. In addition, if there is any problem with the sewer system, you would only require the licensed contractor to do the investigation properly and do all the repairs and replacements. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the problem is in the residential or commercial property; its plumbing system needs to be checked before it turned out into a severe disaster.

Access for Camera Inspection

The foremost step while doing the camera inspection for the sewer line is to find out the access and the main root from where the problem is arising. Access means roof vents, cleanouts, toilets, and others. Only professional plumbers can fix the issues greatly and will also perform all the visual inspections of the property seeking the right cleanouts. Also, having all the cleanouts, you can also bury them underground, or else you can’t go for the installation for that specific matter.

If it is not cleaned completely, the professionals attach the cameras through the roof vent. Through all the camera processes, cleanouts can also be situated for easy repair and lining and can also go for the snaking of the line effectively.

It is always suggested that all homeowners do the proper cleanout, which is situated at the end of the line, which helps access the street in front of your property. Also, cleanout systems are located in the garages.

During Camera Inspection

While doing the pipe inspection, the professional plumber will also help ensure that every corner of the house is covered, especially the kitchen counter. It is also significant to detect the actual footage instead of locating it, which will drastically transform the price to repair. Also, professional plumbing technicians will place the camera from different locations to get the full view, showcasing the problem and how to cure it.

Moreover, a camera inspection can also help specify what type of pipe is in the ground, and any severe cases, you can repair or replace it at some crucial time.

Why Are Camera Inspections Important?

The camera inspection can also be performed before any issues will occur to help homeowners view the conditions, especially after 3-4 years, and if necessary, then at least once a year.

Many times, camera inspections will also tell the homeowners to get the healthy drain line in which they would need hydro jetting.

In addition, several homeowners also add the camera sewer line to do the inspections according to the requirements before buying a new home for themselves. Also, this permits them to realize the importance of doing the repair that helps plumb the visually inspected system.

Also, by going for this method, you can consider all the terrific possible services to perform to repair the pipeline. And most of the choices also include snaking, hydro jetting, and the replacement that would come out with small sections.

Relining solutions are great because they can repair the line without any dig-up. Dig-ups will disrupt concrete and landscaping, typically costing more than the simple lining. Plus, the lining can be done in sections, so homeowners with a small hole or break can have a fully restored line section for an economical cost.

Pipeline camera inspections are also important when investigating problems caused on the city side of the property. Homeowners are responsible for their sewer lines from the city connection, often underneath the concrete. But, if the city has a break or problem, a camera inspection can be performed, and a report can be submitted to the city to take care of repairs.

Also, doing camera inspections is a wise investment for homeowners, specifically when facing the constant issues with clogged sewer lines while buying a new home for yourself. So, to have a free pipeline camera inspection, you must go for this option.

What are Issues Commonly Found in Damaged Lines?

The most common type of issue where most of the issues occur is in the main sewer lines. The people who have homes with big trees that would greatly perform an inspection to make sure that the roots are not blocking the pipes greatly. In addition, all the roots are attracted to the great moisture and the rich nutrients that would find out the drain lines and help grow towards them effectively. The roots can help invade through all the small cracks and holes effectively.

Clay pipe also has five-foot sections, which you can easily connect with the hub. Over time, it will seal it and become disconnected through the natural shifting, permitting roots that are very easy to access from the main line. Moreover, roots can grow through the sewer line, which can greatly break down the plumbing.

There are also other common issues: pipes deteriorating over time effectively. Even cast iron has a life of around 50-60 years, so the homes can also have no pipes that are mainly replaced to find outbreaks or cracks in their system.


Now you must have got to know why pipeline camera inspection is significant. The Sewer Camera Inspection in Alberta would offer brilliant services before it creates any kind of destruction to your property. Moreover, even the pipeline camera inspections also need the right repair and replacement to offer long-lasting services.