It is an important decision when it comes to purchasing a home, it needs the sound advice of an appraiser as well as the inspector so that the expensive repairs can be avoided or negotiated into the price as well. It is rarely overlooked when it comes to the most common issues which is the reason why the services of sewer line camera inspection Alberta is of utmost requirement. Due to the sunken foundations, uneven floorings, conditions of the roofs, and the uneven floorings, is something that even the inexperienced home buyers will be noticing. It is also easily noticed when it comes to the internal systems such as the HVAC systems and the appliances. Many forget to have the plumbing lines inspected.

Things to occur with sewer line camera inspection Alberta

Assessment of the sewer pipes

The most vital aspect of the home is the sewer system. The proper functioning system allows for a functioning septic system and the proper flow of the sewage. It can cause a backup of the entire septic system that can cause a lot more inconvenient issues that can take days to get fixed if the line is damaged, ruptured, or clogged. The repairs of these types of issues can at times require the yard and landscape to be dug up and these are quite expensive.

Using new fiber optic and camera technology

The yards had to be dug up and the lines need to be inspected manually by eye before we had micro-cameras and fiber optic systems. This was very invasive, labor-intensive, and expensive. With a smaller camera that is connected to a thinner cord or fiber-optic connection, the technician can feed them all. With the use of a smaller light or infrared at the interior of the piping can thoroughly be inspected as the camera is remotely controlled.

Look for invasive tree roots

The invasive tree roots are one of the most common issues. As the trees grow and add beauty to the neighborhood, concurrently they are wreaking havoc on the underground piping in the older neighborhood. In certain spots, it pinches as the tree roots can bend the piping in it. The sewer and the septic lines can be subjected to some extensive damage with the strong and large tree roots that can completely rip and tear it apart.

Old pipes are located

The old and corroded pipes are located and are mapped out on a grid during the inspection. Once the entire sewer system is inspected, the technician can create a plan for its repair or replacement. The complete repair and installation plan can be recommended through camera footage with the use of the information from the inspection.


It is during the inspections that the clogs are discovered regularly. It is due to the unflushed debris and buildup within the sewer lines, the clogs can occur. With the use of some other devices, the clogs can even be cleared with the help of sewer line camera inspection Alberta as it might simply be resolved with a bit of repair and installation of the new piping system when clogs occur.

While you are selecting your new home, you need not take the plumbing system for granted. You need to have the sewer lines and the plumbing inspected in the best way with the help of qualified specialists is what you need to ensure.

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