A single toilet malfunctioning is a dreadful situation and it goes without saying. Is there anything that is worse than this? Have you seen the consistent toilet malfunctions? Your toilet is better off being replaced than repaired as you need to keep an eye out for several indications. Stony Plain Plumbing now helps you with some of the telltale signs that your toilet needs to be replaced!

  1. You notice some cracks on the porcelain

The collecting water at the base of the toilet is the first indication that the cracks would be present in your toilet. Check the toilet for some cracks if you notice any kind of leaks. There might be some in the bowl or the tank while you might not see any visible cracks.

To your flooring and be a waste of water, cracks in your toilet can cause some serious damages. With water damage, mold, and mildew, wet floors can also cause in additional issues. Replacing your commode might be the best course of action if you notice any of these issues and they are due to the cracks.

  1. You have been spending a lot of time calling in repairs.

You need not have any excessive repairs with a properly working of the toilet. It could be taken as a clue that you have an issue with excessive repairs if you find that the plumber is visiting your home more frequently. It adds to a growing pile of issues with the cost of the frequent repairs that can be hundreds of unnecessary dollars.

You will be able to save money as well as lot of your headache as well!

  1. You are unclogging your toilet like clockwork

There might be an issue with your toilet if you find yourself unclogging your toilet on a consistent basis. With much less flushing power, resulting in more clogs many of the older toilets were manufactured and this would be resulting in more clogs. It is due to the age that these flushing mechanisms are more prone to malfunctions.

  1. Mineral buildup is causing functioning issues

The mineral buildup is the major cause of replacement with the toilets specifically in homes that makes use of hard water on a regular basis. To cause the water flow to cease or be insignificant, this buildup settles in the inlet holes or the siphon tank. Before the replacement of your commode which is a necessary requirement, cleaning mineral buildup will only last long.

  1. Your toilet is inefficient

The culprit here is your toilet if you are noticing your water bill elevating. Compared to the recent modern models, any commode made before the 1990s are using far more water. Guidelines were enacted by the federal government for limiting the amount of water that is used by the toilets for each of the flush which was more than 1.6 gallons in the 1990s.

  1. You feel it wobble

It is abnormal for a toilet to wobble or rock. Call in a plumber from Stony Plain Plumbing right away to inspect the issue. It can mean that the floor underneath is damaged or rotting and you will need to have it repaired professionally while it could be a simple matter of tightening few bolts.

  1. You have a round bowl

Replacing the round bowl with an elongated model is worth to consider while there is nothing that is drastically wrong with it. Compared to the round ones, these types of bowls tend to be more comfortable as they allow for more seating room. It also allows fewer odors to escape and helps the bowl to stay cleaner with the elongated one. Consider making a switch if you have room as the round bowls do have a slightly smaller footprint.

Some closing thoughts with Stony Plain Plumbing

You need to have your toilets at home checked regularly. Both environmentally and monetarily, older homes with inefficient toilets will benefit when replaced. Both the water usage and cost of utility can be minimized with the new models of low-flush and dual-flush toilets.

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