As a business owner or manager, maintaining a smoothly running operation is essential for the success of your establishment. One often overlooked aspect of maintaining a business is the plumbing system. Edmonton plumbing and heating plays a crucial role in daily operations, from restrooms to kitchens. It is essential to recognize when it’s time to call in plumbing experts to prevent costly disruptions and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for employees and customers.

 In this blog, we’ll explore some common signs that indicate it’s time to call plumbing experts for your business establishment.

Steady Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be frustrating in any business, affecting everything from handwashing in restrooms to kitchen operations. If your water pressure remains consistently low despite cleaning faucet aerators and other minor troubleshooting, it’s time to consult a professional plumber. They can identify the root cause, ranging from corroded pipes to blocked water lines.

Recurring Clogs

Clogs are a common plumbing issue, but if you notice frequent or recurring clogs in sinks, toilets, or drains, it’s a sign of a deeper problem. Plumbers have the tools and expertise to clear stubborn clogs and, more importantly, to identify and address the underlying issues, such as tree root intrusion or damaged sewer lines.

Displeasing Odors

Unpleasant odors from your business establishment can be a major turn-off for customers and employees. Foul smells are often indicative of sewer or drainage problems. Plumbers can perform an inspection to locate the source of the odor and take appropriate corrective measures, such as repairing damaged pipes or fixing venting issues.

Leaks and Water Deterioration

Visible leaks are an obvious sign that something is amiss with your plumbing. Leaks not only waste water but can also cause severe structural damage to your building. If you notice wet spots on ceilings or walls or mold growth, it’s critical to call in plumbing experts promptly. They can situate the source of the leak and offer a solution to prevent further destruction.

Inconsistent Temperature

Inconsistent hot water temperatures in your business can disrupt various operations, including dishwashing, laundry, and employee showers. Whether your establishment relies on tank or tankless water heaters, a professional plumber can diagnose and repair issues that lead to irregular hot water supply.

Weird Noises

Unusual noise from pipes, such as banging, gurgling, or hissing, can indicate air or pressure issues within the plumbing system. Ignoring these sounds can lead to more enlarged problems down the line. Plumbing experts can identify the cause of these noises and make necessary adjustments or repairs to prevent further issues.


If your business has an old plumbing system, it may be more prone to problems and inefficiencies. Aging pipes and fixtures can deteriorate, leading to leaks, reduced water quality, and other issues. Regular inspections and maintenance by plumbing experts can help extend the life of your plumbing system and identify potential problems before they become major headaches.

Water Bruise

If the water coming out of your faucets is discolored or has a weird odor, it could be due to issues in the water supply, like sediment buildup or corroded pipes. Discolored water can affect the quality of food and beverages in restaurants and impact customer satisfaction. A professional plumber can assess your water supply system, identify the problem, and recommend appropriate solutions.

Fluctuating Water Temperatures

Inconsistent water temperatures can be particularly problematic for businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels or spas. Fluctuating hot and cold water temperatures can disrupt guest experiences and result in negative reviews. Plumbing experts can troubleshoot and repair issues with water heaters and maintain a stable temperature for your guests’ comfort.

Sewage Blockages

Sewage backups are unsightly and unsanitary and can pose serious health risks. If you notice sewage backing up into sinks, toilets, or floor drains, it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention from a professional plumber. They can quickly identify and resolve the cause of the backup to prevent further contamination and damage.

Water Bills

If you’ve noticed a sudden and significant increase in your water bills without a corresponding increase in water usage, it may indicate a hidden water leak. Plumbing experts can perform leak detection services to locate and repair hidden leaks, helping you save money on utility costs in the long run.

Lubricant Trap Cases

For businesses in the food service industry, maintaining a properly functioning grease trap is essential to prevent clogs and sewer backups. Suppose you notice slow drainage in sinks or experience grease trap overflows. In that case, professional plumbers can clean, repair, or replace your grease trap to ensure compliance with local regulations and prevent plumbing problems.

Ancient Fixtures

Outdated plumbing fixtures not only affect the aesthetic appeal of your establishment but can also be less water-efficient. Upgrading to modern, water-saving fixtures reduces water consumption and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. Plumbing experts can assist you in choosing and installing energy-efficient fixtures that will save you money in the long term.

Mold Growth

Water stains on walls, ceilings, mold, and mildew can indicate hidden water leaks or poor ventilation. Mold can pose health problems to employees and customers, and water stains can damage your establishment’s appearance. Plumbing experts can investigate the source of the moisture and provide solutions to prevent further water damage and mold growth.

Frozen Pipes

In cold weather, frozen pipes can be a significant concern during winter. Frozen pipes can direct to burst pipes and cause costly water damage. If you suspect your plumbing system is at risk of freezing, or if you experience frozen pipes, it’s essential to call in plumbing experts to both thaw the pipes and provide insulation or other preventative measures to protect your plumbing system in the future.

Weird Water Tastes or Smells

Unusual tastes or smells in tap water can be a turn-off for customers, especially in businesses like restaurants and coffee shops where water quality directly affects your products. Plumbing professionals can conduct water quality testing to identify the source of the problem and recommend solutions like filtration systems or water treatment.

New Renovations

When planning new construction or major renovations for your business establishment, involving plumbing experts is crucial. They can help design efficient and code-compliant plumbing systems, assist with permit applications, and oversee the installation of new plumbing components, ensuring they meet all safety and quality standards.

Adherence with Rules

Different types of businesses have specific plumbing and safety regulations to adhere to, such as those related to food service, healthcare, or hospitality. Keeping up with these regulations is essential to avoid penalties and legal complications. Plumbing experts are well-versed in local and industry-specific codes and can ensure your establishment remains in compliance.

Regular Repairs

Find yourself frequently calling for plumbing repairs. It may be more cost-effective to consult plumbing experts for a comprehensive evaluation of your plumbing system in the long run. They can identify underlying issues contributing to repeated problems and recommend more permanent solutions.

Water Heater Care

Regular water heater maintenance ensures they operate efficiently and have a long lifespan. If your business relies on hot water for various applications, including heating and sanitation, scheduling regular maintenance with plumbing experts can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure a steady hot water supply.

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