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Normally, there are three vital considerations you should check out whenever you pick the right bathroom hardware and fixtures like the knobs, handles, sconces, and towel racks which you can get at the plumbing stores in Edmonton. These would include design, resilience, and cost.

The amount of weight you assign to each consideration is entirely subjective. It has greater flexibility on the basis of the project’s scope and your budget by aiming at a few of the combinations of the three which is quite helpful in terms of figuring out whatever you are in search of. If you plan to update the bathroom fixtures, you should continue going through our post to locate everything you need to know about the resilience, cost, and design.

Reasons to Update Your Bathroom Plumbing Fixture

The bathroom fixtures are the changeable devices linked to your bathroom’s plumbing system. These would include the sinks, faucets, and tubs. While redesigning the bathroom, you should consider updating the fixtures due to numerous reasons that, include:

1. Wear and Tear

Are you disgusted to find the calcium stains in y our bathroom, sink, or shower? Are these the finishes in your porcelain sink that are cracking?

The daily wear and tear take a huge toll on your bathroom fixtures, impacting the entire aesthetics of your bathroom. You should update them while remodeling your bathroom. The older pieces stick out in the new space, although most bathroom fixtures are in their best condition.

2. Changes in Trends

We are no longer in the nineties. The bathroom hardware has evolved as you can now pick from an extensive range of styles, colors, and finishes. If the fixtures in your bathroom become outdated, then it is time to consider updating the style to match the taste.

3. Technological Advancements

You can start upgrading your bathroom, including innovative technology such as digitally flushing commodes, sensor-controlled faucets, MP3-enabled medicine cabinets, and more due to modern technology. The Homeowners can even opt for environmentally-friendly fixtures that aid in conserving water and reducing water utility bills.

Picking the Right Fixtures 

plumbing stores in Edmonton

You might have to pick the proper replacements for the recent pieces while updating the fixtures of your bathroom, like:

 1. Showers

There are numerous styles, price ranges, and sizes for shower types. The body sprayers are placed strategically throughout the stalls of the showers allowing body massages and creating the best relaxation experience. The dual fixtures are ideal since they allow two people to share the shower.

The hand showers, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility as it is a handy option while bathing your kids. Selecting the right showerhead mainly depends on your requirements, as you should consider your options carefully before buying it.

2. Sinks

For the master bathroom, the under-mounted sink with the arched basin is the ideal choice, as it offers both function and style. If you aim at greater counter space, the pedestal sink offers a timeless combination of storage and aesthetics.

3. Faucets

Searching for the appropriate faucet appears challenging due to the massive variety of styles and shapes, instead of becoming overwhelmed by the options as you focus on greater durability and functionality. The construction of the faucets includes creative aspects like the integrated ceramic disks preventing water leakages and buildup. You might even opt for the LED and the touch-activated faucet features.

4. Toilets

The bigger toilets falling under the range of about 16 to 18 inches are highly comfortable compared to the traditional ones with the smaller toilets. Additionally, the taller commodes are easily accessible to walkers and wheelchair-reliant people.

But, if you have kids in your household who share a bathroom, then a taller toilet becomes very tall. The standard-sized toilets range from around 14 to 15 inches, easily accommodating the kids.

The front round toilets are the best for the smaller bathrooms as they are highly compact, while the toilets with the elongated fronts are more comfortable to relax on if you have space to spare.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

1. Resilience

Resilience is vital to bathroom hardware since its functioning is prioritized across every bathroom design. The hardware should be of a material that can get wet without much degradation, which is why organic materials such as wood are rarely used in bathroom hardware.

Metals such as nickel, brass, and bronze are common as they stand up to moisture and rub well. Iron is used less as it has a chance of accumulating rust and oxidizing over time, leading to numerous homeowners replacing them with stainless steel covering it with a water-resistant coating. Alternatively, glass is the ideal option, although there are a couple of reports where the glasses become too slippery whenever wet.

Most of the plastic fixtures and metals get coated in almost every finish. It means that while shopping for bathroom fixtures, you should ask about the material within the faucet’s body. The other trick is to lift the fixture to feel its weight. A good quality bathroom faucet has some heft included, as you need to feel the heaviness of the various faucets.

2. Design

Picking the design which is the right one for you is your decision entirely. Typically, it can pay you to keep your bathroom design schemes consistent. The modern high-tech shower might appear outdated with the turn-of-the-century and lush decor. But, the hardware and the fixtures are the ideal places for you to insert a bit of quirkiness or personal character as they are often with the smaller unobtrusive touches.

You can feel free completely of the recent fixtures and just have to update them to match the bathroom remodeling for paint or spray-coating onto the existing hardware. You just have to ensure picking the faster drying, waterproofing paint formulated specifically for coating the metal or the glass.

You have to carefully consider the design of the bathroom fixture since the bathroom faucets are normally the crown jewels in any bathroom. They arrive in different shades, shapes, and finishes, and the possibilities of these faucets are limitless. When you pick any faucet, you can incorporate the design of the whole bathroom. Consider the size of your bathroom and what type of faucets can be found in identical styled and sized homes.

You need to consider the different finishes of the bathroom fixtures like the faucets. A few faucets arrive in brushed chrome, chrome, polished brass, stainless, pewter, powder-coated enamel, and gold plating finishes.

3. Cost

We understand that if you could, then you would have designed the bathroom of your dreams without any spare expenses. It carries through the highly lavish, beautiful fixtures your money can buy. Sadly, it is not always feasible since more than the design and resilience, the cost has a greater tendency at driving to certain decisions whenever it arrives to picking the right bathroom hardware.

It is not to say that you cannot find bathroom fixture materials that are cheaper and more beautiful, as antique or recycled brass are often easier and affordable. At the same time, the sleek stainless steel offers the best performance at alluring prices.

What Are The Types Of Materials Used?

Numerous metallic finishes have unique benefits to the resilience, cost, and design of bathroom fixtures. Steel, brass, zinc, and plastic are the options for the body materials of a faucet.

1. Brass

Brass is a robust bet for bathroom fixtures, with all-brass faucet bodies lasting numerous years and not likely to corrode or leak. Therefore, paying a bit extra for the forged brass bathroom faucets is worth it. 

2. Stainless Steel

The stainless steel faucets are the ideal option for a few bathrooms. But, the cheaper faucets are more likely to start rusting, and stainless steel faucets are no longer lasting than any other better brass model faucet. The stainless steel is generally a bit pricier that is not worthwhile compared to the brass faucets.

3. Zinc and Zinc Alloys

They are made out of zinc, and zinc alloys are among the cheapest ones. These are the least durable metal faucets.

Quality Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Installation

After dedicating that amount of effort and time to choosing the right bathroom plumbing fixtures, there is no risk to the long-term appeal and effectiveness of installing them on your own. You can trust the professionals at Pipes Plumbing Ltd to install some stunning new features at plumbing stores in Edmonton, Alberta.

We can work with you to create your dream bathroom while preventing future issues. For example, improperly installing the faucets is one of the prominent causes of leaky faucets. Instead of dealing with the difficulties of the leaky ones then, call up our professionals now!