A vast array of residential services for the home is covered by residential plumbing. The plumbing services south Edmonton professionals offer service and repair of the residential plumbing systems including the water and drain lines to the natural and propane gas, water heaters, wall heating systems, and every fixture in the home.

Issues addressed by the residential plumbing services south Edmonton

Fresh Water

One of the commonest aspects of residential plumbing is the freshwater lines. Homeowners enjoy the water coming into their home so it is available from every fixture when they need it when the plumbing systems are installed and maintained in a proper way. Whatever other water needs homeowners may find a use for with water lines offering potable water for showering and bathing, cooking, drinking, cleaning, and whatever other water needs.

It can be a headache for the homeowners or a major costly repair when anything goes wrong. The following are some of the freshwater plumbing repairs that are included here.

Slab Leaks

Leaks in the pressurized water lines under the slab foundation are the slab leaks. A number of things mostly the age of the pipe or improper installation is when the slab leaks are caused. As hot water runs through the copper piping, the pipe generally expands and contracts, rubbing against the foundation over time. Thus, it can cause wear in the pipe and smaller pinhole leaks over time.

Warm floors, the sound of running water, or the signs of water along the baseboards are some common signs here.

Burst angle stops

The burst water shut-off valves or the angle stops are the most common causes of flooded homes. At every sink and toilet, the angle stops are located and they can individually shut off the water supply to that fixture. These can wear over time with the constant pressurized water that impacts them. Plumbers recommend a check for corrosion on a monthly basis and the recommend changing angle stops every five to seven years. Before attempting to turn on the angle stop as the homeowners should be checking for the sign of water. Homeowners should then proceed with caution if it is that difficult.

Running toilets

There is a lot of wasted water with the running toilets that are left unchecked. They are usually easy to determine with the toilets that are leaking inside or are left constantly running. The homeowners are left to listen for the sound of trickling or running water as they can check the water levels in the bowl and the tank. It is a worn flapper that can be easily changed by the homeowner for a minimal cost most often.

Broken fixtures

The issue with the residential plumbing issue that can happen over time is the leaky and broken fixture. Most of the freshwater plumbing issues come about due to the wear on the fixtures from constant pressure is from where most of the freshwater plumbing issues come in.

Water Pressure and PRV

It is important that the homeowners have a working pressure regulating device installed on their home due to the constant water pressure. The city water pressure that comes into the home is above the safe PSI of 50-80 oftentimes. It poses a risk to all the freshwater systems and can cause leaks, burst fixtures, and water heaters that lead to flooding if the pressure is high in the home.

Pressure-regulating devices can adjust the pressure from the city distribution before it can come into the home once they are installed at the home. A PSI at 75 is recommended for the best performance and safe pressure is what these plumbers say.

Water Heaters

Tank and tankless are the two varieties of water heaters. Providing hot water to the home is the function of both. The storage of water is the massive difference between a tank and a tankless. The storage is between 30 and 100 when it comes to the continuous tank water heaters. To maintain a certain temperature to be ready when required is when the water is continuously heated inside of the tank.

It is less than two cups of water are in the tank as the tankless water heaters heat the water. The tankless water heaters offer endless hot water as they are more efficient.


Gas line leak detection, installation, and repair is something that the homeowners often do not know is the plumbers are trained to perform these. To perform the major repairs, there are many safety codes from the uniform plumbing code that is required here.

There is a licensed professional plumber who is there to perform the detection and repair to restore the services as they should be taking all the safety measures with the help of the homeowners who have a gas leak.

Wall Heaters

There are several residences that come equipped with wall or floor style heating and the plumbers can work on these systems although the plumbers do not service and repair the forced air systems. Both style heating systems are essentially the gas lines and proper venting both services for the residential plumbing professionals where most of the floor heating systems are in need of repair or replacement with a wall style.


Drain clogs are never fun, and while some small clogs can be cleared by homeowners, licensed plumbers should be called for all major clogs and overflows.

While the smaller clogs can be cleared by the homeowners, licensed plumbing services south Edmonton services should all be called for the major clogs and the overflows in order to connect to an exterior or interior of the drain line.

There is excess hair in the drain leading up to the shower clogs. To catch the hair in order to prevent shower and tub clogs, homeowners can install mesh screens on the drain. Small hair drain tools are easy to use to get hair that is close to the drains and can be purchased at the home stores.

Extended service offered by plumbing professionals


There are few irrigation lines where some of the plumbers work at. If it is a connection with the irrigation line, it generally falls under the residential plumbing job typically. A landscaping professional is generally required for the larger issues with the irrigation, or the irrigation heads. In order to determine if they work on specific irrigation issues, it is always a good idea for the homeowners to contact their plumber for a free quote.

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