Did you enter your home only for finding that the toilet starts to overflow or when water starts to spill out from beneath the bathroom sink or the burst pipe? You need to know what you would do as you are waiting for an emergency plumber if you have any plumbing emergencies. It is because whatever you do will help reduce the considerable damage caused as it would help prevent further issues. However, the Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmonton are there for your rescue.

You must collect the right information related to the licenses, ratings, rates, work experience, etc., before hiring the emergency plumber. Mainly, when you are confronted with plumbing issues, it becomes the perfect opportunity to perform some research on the individual you will work with. The following are the key things that you should note before you hire an emergency plumber:

Common Emergency Plumbing Situations

Emergency plumbing issues would come up all of a sudden, creating a lot of mess. These issues offer you an active headache if they are not resolved properly. There are varied plumbing issues taking place if the proper inspection is not done.

The following are a couple of plumbing issues that can take place in your home or commercial space:

Dripping Faucet 

A good amount of water should be stored in the tanks during summer for the right type of use. However, the water can start flowing away if you have a dripping faucet. However, the dripping faucet is not considered a distinctive issue in several houses. However, if they are examined properly, you can know why it would require your concern sooner.

A dripping faucet would mean that either the faucet is broken or not fixed properly that leaks a couple of drops of water most frequently even after it gets turned off. Sometimes, we think that hand tightening will easily fix the dripping faucet; however, it needs more.

When the faucet is dripping once every second, they are more likely to lose around 11500 liters of water yearly. You should avoid water loss by fixing the bad-fitted faucet decently or replacing the broken one.

Clogged Sinks

Using the sinks frequently for washing hands or dishes releases specific small but definite particles right into the sink. It will create a huge problem if the sinks and the associated pipes are not cleaned decently, although it might appear as an issue.

The particles flowing right into the sink would gradually accumulate in the drain pipes blocking the water flow, and the blockage would prevent the water from flowing through it. Water stays in the sink and overflows right to the above, creating a mess due to the blockage.

The clogged sink would make it useless as it would help you unclog the sink appropriately to remove the accumulation and for easier water drainage.

Broken Pipes

The pipes are mainly working like veins for the water supply to your house. The water supply and the entire house will be affected if this line gets damaged, leading to a greater mess if the pipe breaks. The tiniest crack is sufficient enough for the leaking water, and the water would eventually damage the floor, ceiling, walls, and metal rods.

The water starts to swell up the walls while damaging the inner layer making it weaker and easily penetrable. The house gets flooded instantly if the water starts penetrating through the walls.

Benefits of hiring the emergency plumber

If your kitchen is filled with water or your water heater starts malfunctioning, you will have a plumbing emergency that you should deal with immediately whenever the pipe beneath the sink bursts. The homeowners are aware of the dire consequences of water damage, which is why plumbing emergencies are best left alone.

Hiring a professional whenever you have plumbing emergencies is vital. The following are just a couple of several reasons associated with it:

1. A plumber will find a permanent solution

A couple of individuals would panic whenever there is an emergency. It is liable to increase blood pressure which causes you to search for the instant solution even if it is not the safest or the best solution to this issue, although you are one of those people. A professional plumber from emergency plumbing services in Edmonton will be able to assess the situation and determine the right solution for your issue. In this manner, you will not face a similar emergency again.

2. Hiring a professional can save you money

Your initial thought, whenever you are hiring an emergency plumber is that it is quite expensive. However, the water bill from the leak or the damage from the burst pipe or the overflowing toilet will instantly become expensive if they are not addressed with the precision and speed of the professional.

3. A plumber has professional training in handling emergencies

It would mean less likelihood of an error occurring than if you had done them on your own. You can potentially cause a lot of damage to the other regions of your home, mainly if you are hurrying or under stress, due to emergencies if you are getting the job done on your own. It would cost you a lot more stress, time, and money than the original emergency, which is needless to mention.

4. A licensed plumber will carry an insurance

Whenever you are hiring a professional, they will have insurance so that they would cause damages to the other part of your home, as you are not held responsible for the cost of repairs. Therefore, if you try fixing the plumbing issues on your own and cause further damage, the cost would come right out of your bank account.

5. Hiring a professional plumber can keep you safe

Performing the work in your home, mainly during emergencies, can prove a dangerous undertaking. The larger water heaters, broken pipes, higher pressure water, and several other aspects of plumbing that you might come in contact with within a plumbing emergency become hazardous for your safety. 

A professional plumber is highly trained in their safety techniques and knowledgeable regarding ways to tackle possible dangerous situations. It would mean that you are not placing yourself in harm’s way and you need not worry about anyone else or even your family as you are harmed during the emergency.

How to Prepare for the Situation

All the situations we have discussed are offering you an unwanted headache. However, it would not mean that these are avoided. The following are a couple of precautions and solutions which are required to prevent any plumbing issues:

Routine Checkup 

The issues might get detected before they occur if there is a regular checkup of the fittings and pipes when done properly. The skillful and professional plumbers’ inspection would determine where the leak is more likely to take place and where the fittings become looser. If there is something to get found before the occurrence then it is resolved and avoided initially.

Replacing Broken Parts

You will often find that things would last longer and whatever it involves for a sooner replacement after a complete examination of the fixtures and faucets. It should get replaced instantly if the tap or the pipe is cracked. It would gradually grow bigger, and water would start flowing out even if the leakage was not visible.

It is always better to replace the product during the examination phase as you will have plumbers available to fix the new one properly. It is the replacement that would make sure that this leakage or any other circumstances are avoided successfully.

Professional Plumbing Services

You would need help from a professional plumber who would understand your requirements and perform efficiently to get the work done. You will mainly lead to further damage to the water supply if you consider the application of the DIY.

It might become a complex process to locate a good plumber and depend on him for the important changes made to meet your water supply needs. Pipes Plumbing Ltd is one of the best plumber services you can rely on as it offers highly talented and determined plumbers who would inspect and fix the required issues with the help of modern processes and developed tools.


Each issue has a few specific solutions, like the emergency plumbing offered by emergency plumbing services Edmonton which you would prefer. The tips mentioned above will help you avoid any mishappenings which take place due to the summertime issues in plumbing.